Pattaya to Bangkok Airport Taxi By Bo Pattaya Taxi

How to Find Pattaya to Suvannaphum Bangkok Taxi
August 19, 2019

Pattaya to Bangkok Airport Taxi By Bo Pattaya Taxi

Let’s face it, traveling from Pattaya to Bangkok can be quite a long journey especially when using public means of transport. The same distance can seem even longer if you are rushing against time to catch a flight at one of the airports in Bangkok. Luckily, you can now book a top Pattaya to Bangkok airport taxi like Bo Pattaya for quick and convenient transfers between these two cities.

For the past several years, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the fastest growing Thai taxis with a reputation for punctuality, orderliness, and affordability. Indeed, the numerous rave reviews we have amassed from hundreds of satisfied customers are a true testament to the excellent airport transfer services we’ve been known to provide.

Are you looking for a reputable taxi cab to hire for your Pattaya to Bangkok airport transfer? The following are a few reasons Bo Pattaya Taxi is your surest bet!

Well maintained cars

There is nothing as disappointing as traveling in a poorly maintained car especially when covering a significant distance the length of Pattaya to Bangkok. This is why we have invested heavily in this area to ensure you are being driven in the latest car models that are also serviced as recommended by the manufacturers. In our fleet, we have a variety of vehicles ranging from Toyota Altis when you’re traveling alone or with a friend/family to the powerful turbo-charged vans that can seat up to 10 persons with normal luggage. 

Easy booking process

In a rush to book a taxi for your airport transfer? Just reach us on our WhatsApp number +66 (0) 87 644 5864 to make your booking. You can also visit our website and fill out the short booking form where all you need to provide are your contact information, the type of car you want to use, and your pick up location. Once done, we’ll contact you in a short while before dispatching one of our cabs that is closest to your location. This way, you can be picked quickly and consequently arrive at the Bangkok airport in good time for your flight or your visitor’s arrival time.

Trained and disciplined drivers

On top of the standard training, one of our biggest considerations when hiring drivers for our cabs is their mannerisms. Over the years, we have come to understand that drivers play a special role in our business and the kind of services we owe our clients as a company. As such, we are extremely keen on aspects like courtesy, politeness, and cleanliness to ensure you enjoy your experience when being driven to your destination. In return, we remunerate our drivers well to boost their morale and encourage them to keep doing a good job.

How much does a Pattaya to Bangkok airport taxi cost?

Worth mentioning at this point is that Bo Pattaya Taxi is one of the most affordable Thailand taxi company. For the Pattaya to Bangkok airport trip, we charge as low as 1200 Baht depending on your choice of car. Found another cheaper alternative? Let us know and we’ll match it or even give you a better deal.

What are you waiting for? Book a Bo Pattaya Taxi now and travel in style to Bangkok airport!